Governor Wolf Announces Extension of Persian Gulf Conflict Veterans Benefit Program

January 11, 2016

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf announced today that the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) is once again accepting applications for the Persian Gulf Conflict Veterans Benefit Program thanks to an amendment to legislation that extends the application deadline to Aug. 31. 2018.

“Since April 2008, we have compensated more than 11,500 veterans for their service and sacrifice in the Persian Gulf Conflict,” Governor Wolf said. “Our hope is to reach all of those veterans eligible for this program and ensure they receive all benefits entitled to them.”

The bonus pays $75 per month for qualifying, active-duty service members, up to a $525 maximum. For personnel whose death was related to illness or injury received in the line of duty in Operations Desert Shield or Desert Storm, there is an additional $5,000 available to the surviving family. Service members who were declared prisoners of war may also be eligible for an additional $5,000.

In each case, the service member must have:

  • Served with the U.S. Armed Forces, a reserve component of the U.S. Armed Forces or the Pennsylvania National Guard.
  • Served on active duty in the Persian Gulf Theater of Operations during the period from August 2, 1990 until August 31, 1991, and received the Southwest Asia Service Medal.
  • Been a legal resident of Pennsylvania at the time of active duty service.
  • Been discharged from active duty under honorable conditions, if not currently on active duty.
  • Received the Southwest Asia Service Medal.

“We encourage everyone to help us spread the word because qualified Persian Gulf veterans have truly earned this bonus,” said Brig. Gen. Jerry Beck Jr., the state’s deputy adjutant general for veterans affairs. “We believe that there are still many more Persian Gulf Veterans who have not applied for the bonus and this three year extension of the application deadline will allow us another opportunity to reach as many applicants as possible.”

Individuals who received a bonus or similar compensation from any other state are not eligible for the Pennsylvania program. The deadline for applying for benefits under the program extension is Aug. 31, 2018.

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