Governor Wolf: Boyertown Decision Affirms Pennsylvania Values of Tolerance, Respect

May 30, 2019

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf issued the following statement on the U.S. Supreme Court’s action that will allow students of Boyertown Area School District to use the bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity:

“The Supreme Court’s decision is a victory for the values on which Pennsylvania was founded. It is an affirmation that there is no place in Pennsylvania for discrimination, especially in our public spaces. This ruling should be a reminder that Pennsylvania should be a place where everyone is treated fairly and with respect.

“I want to thank the brave young students who fought to confirm their right to be themselves. No other person should be able to tell them differently. These students are not a threat to anyone. Transgender citizens deserve equal and fair treatment where they learn, work, live and go about their business like anyone else. As long as I am governor, I will stand on the side of fairness for all.”

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