Governor Wolf Calls for Gun Violence Prevention After New Jersey Attack

December 11, 2019

Governor Tom Wolf released the following statement on the gun violence in New Jersey that resulted in the death of a police officer and three innocent civilians:

“The shooting in Jersey City is yet another heartbreaking act of gun violence in America. And now we’re learning that the murderer had a history of anti-Semitism. We must support those affected by this tragedy not just with thoughts and prayers, but with action that discourages hatred, especially anti-Semitism, and helps stop violence. And as we saw in the Tree of Life terrorist attack, hatred can drive violence, but the types of weapons used in these shootings are enabling mass murder. These weapons are putting innocent citizens and law enforcement at greater risk. It is past time for federal and state lawmakers to pass meaningful gun violence prevention legislation. We can do more to stop people driven by hatred or any other evil from being able to so easily kill so many innocent people.”

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