Governor Wolf: CBO Score Confirms Pennsylvanians Will Be Worse Off Under GOP Replacement Plan

March 13, 2017

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf released the following statement on the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate that 14 million more people nationally would be uninsured under the American Health Care Act just next year, and 24 million would be by 2026 while costs for seniors will increase:

“That politicians in Washington are willing to throw tens of millions of people off their insurance plans and increase costs for seniors to achieve a political victory is unconsciousable. The CBO score confirms that Pennsylvanians, including seniors, people with disabilities and those in treatment, will be worse off under the AHCA and that any assurances otherwise were either untrue or disingenuous – or both. This bill would impose an age tax on older Pennsylvanians and raise costs for their coverage. I call again for every member of the Pennsylvania delegation to reject this bill and work towards fixing Obamacare, rather than leaving millions of their constituents worse off.”

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