BLOG: Governor Wolf Continues to Urge the Legislature to Pass Medical Marijuana Legislation

By: The Office of Governor Tom Wolf

March 11, 2016

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Wolf has long been a supporter of the legalization of medical marijuana and is continuing to urge the Pennsylvania House and Senate to pass medical marijuana legislation.

“I support the legalization of medical marijuana so we can finally provide much needed relief to families and children,” said Governor Wolf. “It is time to legalize medical marijuana because we should not deny doctor-recommended treatment that could help people suffering from seizures or cancer patients affected by chemotherapy.”

On February 25, 2016, House Majority Leader Dave Reed announced the decision to hold a vote on legislation that would legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. Governor Wolf thanked Majority Leader Reed and looked forward to the possibility of finally providing much needed relief to families and children.

Governor Wolf has been a leader in the fight to legalize medical marijuana. Take a look at the coverage below: Surprises at Gov. Wolf’s Medical Marijuana Forum

“The times have definitely changed in Harrisburg. Governor Tom Wolf invited advocates and legislators into his official residence Monday night for a forum on medical marijuana. The event marked a big shift for stakeholders who, for years, were ignored and thwarted by former Gov. Corbett…. His stance on the issue is the first time in recent memory that any governor in the region has been so strongly and intimately supportive.”

Penn Live: Medical marijuana supporters pack Pa. governor’s mansion

“[Advocates] stressed their view [that] Pennsylvania is on the verge of joining about two dozen states which allow some form of access to medical marijuana. They base their optimism on the fact the state Senate recently voted 40-7 in favor of a a medical marijuana bill, public opinion surveys show strong support and, in Wolf, the state now has a governor who supports allowing doctors to prescribe marijuana-derived treatments to those with approved medical conditions.”

FOX 43: Pa. House group meeting daily on new medical marijuana bill

“Governor Wolf (D) has been vocally supportive of signing legislation which would legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.”

Post-Gazette: Medical marijuana use in Pa. debated at governor’s residence

“With the legalization of medical marijuana now before the House, Gov. Tom Wolf on Monday hosted supporters at the governor’s residence for what he described as ‘a chance to get the facts out.’ Mr. Wolf sat for more than an hour in the front row as two doctors, a lawyer, the mother of a child with epilepsy and a man with a pain disorder made the case for allowing doctors to add marijuana to the treatments they recommend to their patients.”

ABC 27: Pa. House ready to vote on medical marijuana

“Nine months after the state Senate approved legislation to legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, the House is expected to finally take action.

Gov. Tom Wolf says House Majority Leader Dave Reed has decided to hold a vote. Members are expected to consider the bill when they return from recess next month. Wolf supports legalizing medical marijuana. He said he believes it is long past time to provide medical cannabis to patients and families across the state.” Wolf confirms his support of medical marijuana

“On the same day that legislation was reintroduced to legalize medical marijuana, Gov. Wolf on Tuesday told parents of sick children that he would sign a bill if it reached his desk.”

Penn Live: Gov. Tom Wolf meets with medical marijuana advocates, families

“Gov. Tom Wolf met with medical marijuana advocates Tuesday at the Capitol, marking a significant shift in policy from his predecessor. ‘I feel there’s a lot more compassion as I walk through these halls,’ said Dana Ulrich, whose 7-year-old daughter Lorelei suffers from intractable epilepsy.”

York Daily Record: Pa. House expected to vote on medical marijuana

The Pennsylvania House is slated to vote on a medical marijuana bill after it returns to session March 14, according to a state document. In the statement, Wolf said his administration has pushed forward a program to research the use of marijuana to help children with intractable seizures.

Lehigh Valley Live: Medical Marijuana amendments, vote planned in Pennsylvania House

“Gov. Tom Wolf…has maintained he supports opening up cannabis for medical use in Pennsylvania, as 23 states — including New Jersey — and the District of Columbia have done.”

WFMZ 69 News: Gov. Wolf vows to support Pennsylvania Senate’s medical marijuana bill

“Gov. Tom Wolf gave an impromptu audience to parents of children who are suffering daily from debilitating seizures and is vowing to sign a medical marijuana bill that senators are writing.”

Governor Wolf on the Record:

“I want to give doctors the ability to prescribe medicine as they see fit. It pains me that anybody, any citizen of Pennsylvania, is not getting the treatment he or she needs because of some legal impediment.”— Penn Live, January 27, 2015

“I commend the bipartisan effort to allow Pennsylvania doctors to prescribe medical marijuana. We should not deny a physician’s ability to recommend medical marijuana treatment for Pennsylvanians suffering from seizures, those affected by PTSD, cancer patients affected by chemotherapy, and Pennsylvanians suffering from many other ailments and conditions that could benefit from this effective, doctor-prescribed treatment.”—, January 29, 2015

“We ought to let doctors prescribe the medications that they think their patients need. I don’t think that’s a really unusual thing to ask of our legislators. This passed overwhelmingly in the Senate. I think it would probably pass overwhelmingly in the House, if we can convince the right people to do the right thing.”— Post-Gazette, May 19, 2015

“I want doctors to be able to prescribe the drugs that they think their patients need to get better.”— FOX 43, May 22, 2015

“The legalization of medical marijuana–I think we ought to allow doctors to prescribe. They’re the experts. We ought to allow them to prescribe the treatments that they feel are best fitted to the challenges facing the person.”— WPXI Channel 11 News, May 21, 2015


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