Governor Wolf Hosts Non-Partisan Redistricting Listening Sessions with Pennsylvania Residents (Round-Up)

By: Alyson Hogan, Press Assistant

February 02, 2018

This past week, Governor Wolf held three non-partisan listening sessions as a part of his continued effort to hear from Pennsylvanians on gerrymandering and congressional redistricting. The governor visited State College on Tuesday, Philadelphia on Wednesday, and Pittsburgh on Thursday to receive feedback from constituents. The General Assembly has until February 9, 2018, to redraw the congressional map after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned the existing districts last month.

The governor listened to the concerns of faculty and students, community officials, and constituents, and will use their comments to ensure that Pennsylvania’s congressional districts are fair for every voter in the commonwealth. Governor Wolf also invites every individual in the commonwealth to submit their suggestions and concerns online at

“It’s important that we engage in open and transparent conversation on gerrymandering,” said Governor Wolf. “This is not a partisan issue and I want to make it clear that the people of Pennsylvania are the ones leading this charge.”

Take a look at the coverage below:

  • Daily Collegian: PA governor Tom Wolf addresses gerrymandering, potential changes to state’s political map

    Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf visited the State College Municipal Building on Tuesday to address gerrymandering in the state and its effects on the current Congressional map. The panel was the first in a string of events Wolf will attend to discuss the current state of Pennsylvania’s Congressional map before the General Assembly’s redrawing on Feb. 9.

  • WPSU: Gov. Wolf Asks Constituents To Chime In On Drawing Fair Congressional Districts

    Governor Tom Wolf visited State College on Tuesday to talk with residents about ways to draw a new congressional map for the state. Joined by about 100 local residents, a panel of Penn State faculty and students and community leaders, Wolf said the goal is to have a fair map. State College was the first stop as Wolf makes his way across the state to take input from constituents.

  • CBS Philly: Gov. Wolf Hears Feedback from Pennsylvania Residents On Redistricting

    Gov. Tom Wolf stopped at the campus of Saint Joseph’s University on Wednesday to hear from citizens and interest groups trying to help reshape Pennsylvania’s voting districts in the wake of a state Supreme Court ruling ordering a redrawing of voting maps. During a forum on the process of redistricting and the gerrymandering that went into the latest map thrown out by the high court, citizens registered their frustrations and urged the governor to bring about a non-partisan solution.

  • CBS Pittsburgh: Gov. Wolf Hears Input from Pittsburgh Voters on Redrawing of State’s Congressional Map:

    A battle over Pennsylvania’s Congressional map has gone all the way to the United States Supreme Court. The state Supreme Court ruled recently that it is too partisan. State Republicans don’t want it to change; but on Thursday, at Point Park University, Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf heard from some voters who disagree.The current map was drawn by a Republican legislature. “People, I sense, are really fed up with the way the map is, and they really want a fair map,” said Gov. Wolf.

  • WESA: Gov. Wolf Seeks Public Feedback on Redrawing PA’s Congressional Map

    Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf visited Point Park University Thursday afternoon to seek public input on creating a less partisan congressional map. About two weeks ago, Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court ruled that the commonwealth’s map is unconstitutional and must be redrawn by Feb. 9. Wolf sat on a panel of professors and community advocates, including Suzanne Broughton of Fair Districts PA and Point Park University political science professor Nathan Firestone. It was the third and last “listening session” held by the governor about redistricting.

  • Times Online: Wolf hears pleas for fair congressional districts during Pittsburgh discussion

    If court challenges fail and the state Legislature has to draw new congressional district maps by next week, Maureen Mamula, the president of the League of Women Voters of Greater Pittsburgh, knows exactly what she wants. “I want maps that will inspire people to vote,” she told a redistricting panel convened by Gov. Tom Wolf at Point Park University’s Center for Media Innovation in Pittsburgh on Thursday. “I want them to be inspired to vote by the maps that they have.”

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