Governor Wolf Joins Ag Industry to Celebrate PA Farm Bill

August 14, 2019

Pennsylvania Furnace, PA – One year after first unveiling his vision for a path to long-term prosperity for Pennsylvania agriculture, Governor Tom Wolf today returned to Ag Progress Days to celebrate the passing of his historic PA Farm Bill. Signed into law in July, the PA Farm Bill will make $23.1 million in strategic investments into the agriculture industry to grow opportunities and resources, remove barriers to entry, and cultivate future generations of leaders within agriculture.

“At this very event last year, I outlined my six-point plan for cultivating the next generation of Pennsylvania farming. It was this plan that guided the development of the PA Farm Bill,” said Governor Wolf. “I’m proud to join so many agriculture industry leaders to celebrate the passing of this historic state investment to chart a real path for a dynamic and prosperous farming economy in Pennsylvania.”

The PA Farm Bill will provide support for and continued investments in the commonwealth’s agriculture industry by developing new resources for agriculture business development and succession planning, increasing opportunities for Pennsylvania’s agricultural workforce, removing regulatory burdens and strengthening the agricultural business climate, creating more processing capabilities, increasing market opportunities and growing the organic sector, and protecting agriculture infrastructure.

Last month, the commonwealth launched the first Farm Bill component and opened the Urban Agriculture Infrastructure Grant Program, which will provide $500,000 in funding to increase market opportunities for the commonwealth’s urban agriculturalists. Tomorrow, the Department of Agriculture will begin accepting applications for another new PA Farm Bill program which will help eligible meat processors meet federal inspection and certification guidelines during planning and start-up periods.

“The Pennsylvania Farm Bill is the most comprehensive package of legislation ever made in agriculture, and I’m proud to see the plan come full circle as we celebrate its passage here at Ag Progress Days,” said Sec. Redding. “The governor’s leadership and commitment to Pennsylvania’s agriculture industry inspired the development of these investments, which will impact generations of agriculturalists in the commonwealth.”

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