Governor Wolf Moves CHIP into the Department of Human Services

December 21, 2015

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf signed HB 857, sponsored by Rep. Pickett, which reauthorizes and moves CHIP from the Insurance Department into the Department of Human Services.

“This move will streamline processes and reduce the bureaucracy for families throughout the commonwealth,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “This is an example of making sure that government is working in a way that best meets the needs of our citizens.”

“Every month thousands of children move between CHIP and our Medical Assistance program due to changes in family income. Having the two programs in the same department will provide new opportunities to help improve the quality and coordination of care,” said DHS Secretary Ted Dallas. “Children with insurance are more likely to be immunized, receive regular check-ups, receive the behavioral health care services they need, and because children with health insurance are more likely to avoid preventable childhood illnesses and benefit from early detection and appropriate treatment, they generally have better school attendance and performance than the uninsured.”

“The more than 150,000 children and their families in CHIP will continue to get the excellent service from the same dedicated staff, with coverage provided by the same insurers,” said Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller.  “Because the Department of Human Services is a service delivery agency, while the insurance Department is a regulatory agency, the service for CHIP families should be enhanced in the future.”

Governor Wolf also signed the following bills:

Act 85 – HB 907, sponsored by Rep. Ross, amends the Real Estate Tax Sale Law, in short title and definitions, further providing for definitions.

Act 86 – HB 1195, sponsored by Rep. Culver, amends Title 75 (Vehicles), in certificate of title and security interests, further providing for duration of perfection.

Act 87 – HB 1279, sponsored by Rep. Keller, designates a section of Christopher Columbus Blvd. as the William J. Guarnere & Edward “Babe” Heffron Memorial Boulevard; & designating a portion of US Route 222 as the Senator Noah W. Wenger Highway; additional namings.

Act 88  – HB 1411, sponsored by Rep. Taylor, amends Title 26 (Eminent Domain), in special damages for displacement, further providing for moving and related expenses of displaced persons, for replacement housing for homeowners and for replacement housing for tenants and others.

Act 89 – HB 1579, sponsored by Rep. Rapp, designates a bridge on that portion of State Route 62 over the Allegheny River, Tionesta Borough, Forest County, as the Lt. Col. Michael McLaughlin/AMVETS Post 113 Memorial Bridge.

Act 90 – SB 442, sponsored by Senator Folmer, requires notification in advertising.

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