Governor Wolf on KDKA: We Can Balance the Budget Without Broad Based Tax Increases

June 21, 2016

Governor Wolf earlier this morning on KDKA said he believes we can balance the budget, provide an additional $250 million for basic education, and include $34 million to address the heroin crisis without raising the Personal Income or Sales Taxes. Here is an excerpt from the governor’s interview:

“There are three things that are key for me and I think for the people we’re talking with. And by the way, the conversations and the negotiations are going, I think, very well. But, we need a balanced budget that is truly balanced. I want $250 million dollars for basic education, an increase, and I want $34 million dollars for the heroin overdose problem, which is really a big problem in Pennsylvania. And I think all this can be done without a broad based tax increase. I’m not asking for a Sales Tax increase or Personal Income Tax increase. I think we can do all this; the balanced budget, the increase in education, and heroin initiatives without a broad based tax increase. So, I think that we’re making some good progress. I think we’re very close.”

Click here for the full interview.

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