Governor Wolf Pushes Bipartisan Bill to Strengthen Pension Forfeiture for Public Officials

December 07, 2017

Governor Tom Wolf today urged the General Assembly to send him House Bill 939, which would hold state, county or municipal government officials and public employees accountable for crimes related to their official duties by requiring them to forfeit their government pension and pay appropriate restitution when they plead guilty or no contest to any crime related to their official government position or any felony offense related to their office or employment. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Scott Petri (R-Bucks), also includes federal crimes that are classified as felonies or are punishable by a term of at least five years imprisonment.

“Providing pensions to those who have committed crimes related to their elected office is a betrayal of the public’s trust,” Governor Wolf said. “I am endorsing Rep. Petri’s legislation that will strengthen Pennsylvania’s pension forfeiture laws. We have taken important steps to reform our pension system but, as long as these loopholes exist, our pension system is vulnerable to malfeasance. Public officials should be held to the highest possible standard and we should expect more out of them and our government.”

Houe Bill 939 passed the House in May with strong bipartisan support.

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