Governor Wolf, Senator Casey Call on Washington to Protect Tax Break for Middle Class Families (Round-Up)

By: Eryn Spangler, Press Assistant

November 01, 2017

Harrisburg, PA – Yesterday, Governor Tom Wolf joined Senator Bob Casey on a press call to raise concerns about the consequences the proposed GOP tax plan would have on Pennsylvanians, particularly eliminating or reducing the federal deduction for state and local taxes that benefits approximately 1.8 million Pennsylvanians.

Take a look at the coverage below:

  • Associated Press: Wolf criticizes GOP targeting state, local tax deductions

    “What we’re talking about here is a shift in costs from the federal government to state taxpayers, and regardless of whether it’s the property tax or an income tax or a local sales tax, the elimination of that deduction means that Pennsylvania taxpayers are going to be paying more,” [Governor] Wolf said.

  • WHYY: As U.S. House GOP gets ready to talk taxes, Pa. Dems lobby to keep local deductions

    Just before House Republicans plan to introduce draft legislation, leading Democrats in Pennsylvania raised concerns about one kind of deduction — used by more than half of all taxpayers in the state — that’s on the chopping block… “Gutting the state and local tax deduction is a tax increase on the middle class, pure and simple,” said [Governor] Wolf, of shifting that burden.

  • CBS Pittsburgh: Sen. Casey, Gov. Wolf Say GOP Tax Plan Will Take Deductions From Pennsylvanians

    [Governor] Wolf said 1.8 million Pennsylvanians use this tax break, 86 percent of whom have incomes under $200,000. Wolf says Republicans should not take this away to pay for a tax cut for the super wealthy. “Prioritizing tax cuts for the one percent over millions of middle class families simply does not make sense for Pennsylvania,” declared the governor. “It doesn’t make Pennsylvania stronger or help our economy.”

  • Daily Item: Wolf, Casey say GOP tax plan is bad for middle class

    [Governor] Wolf said that while the details of the plan haven’t been fully disclosed, based on the proposed cuts in the state and local tax deduction, the tax reform would be a “huge blow to the middle class at the expense of the super wealthy.”


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