Governor Wolf Signs Bill Removing Exemptions for Labor Disputes

November 05, 2015

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf signed House Bill 874, sponsored by Representative Ron Marisco (R-Dauphin), into law. The legislation, now Act 59 of 2015, removes exceptions to the offenses of stalking, harassment and threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction from those involved in labor disputes.

“I believe it is important to allow men and women to come together and have their voices heard,” Governor Wolf. “I also believe that any form of harassment by employees or employers is unacceptable.”

Under current law there is an exemption for a person who is involved in a labor dispute as defined in the labor anti-injunction act preventing a person to be charged with one of those three crimes. House Bill 874 simply removes those three exemptions and adds legislative intent to specifically say the legislature intends that the exemptions should not apply in labor disputes moving forward.

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