Governor Wolf Signs Collective Bargaining Transparency Bill, Calls on Legislature to Pass a Gift Ban, Comprehensive Government Reform

April 14, 2016

Harrisburg, PA – Today, Governor Wolf signed SB 644, sponsored by Senator Mike Folmer, while calling on the legislature to pass a gift ban and broader government reform.

“I am signing SB 644,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “But this is not a broad solution to the problems plaguing Pennsylvania’s government. Public officials are allowed to take gifts, and they do not have to report outside income. There is not enough transparency in contracting or oversight of lobbying. We must address these issues that undermine the public confidence in our government, and we must address them now. Recently, House and Senate Democrats have answered the call by putting forth legislative reform packages to address these important issues. I am calling on the General Assembly to expeditiously consider a government reform package that includes the banning of gifts, increasing transparency, contracting reform, increasing lobbying oversight, and campaign finance reform.”

Read more about Governor Wolf’s government reform plan here.

Today, Governor Wolf signed the following bills:

Act 12: HB, 1326, sponsored by Rep. Godshall, amends Title 66 (Public Utilities), in rates and distribution systems, providing for valuation of acquired water and wastewater systems for ratemaking purposes.

Act 13: HB 1638, sponsored by Rep. Tobash, amends the Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraiser Act further providing for compliance with the act.

Act 14: SB 526, sponsored by Senator Gordner, amends the Second Class Township Code, in auditors & accountants, further providing for completion, filing and publication of annual township report and financial statement.

Act 15: SB 644, sponsored by Senator Folmer, requires the Independent Fiscal Office to provide a cost analysis of every proposed collective bargaining agreement under the Governor’s jurisdiction, prior to the execution of the agreement.  It also requires Office of Administration and the Office of the Budget to provide the IFO with copies of proposed collective bargaining agreement with its own detailed cost analysis of the agreement 20 business days prior to the execution date of the agreement.  This bill will be effective 60 days after signing.

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