Governor Wolf Signs Seven Bills into Law

February 16, 2018

Harrisburg, PA –  This week Governor Wolf signed seven bills into law including one that amends the Game Code to establish the honest hunter bill.

Act 3 (English) seeks to reward ethical and truthful hunters who do the right thing when they discover that they have made a mistaken kill. Under the previous law, if a hunter is convicted of an unlawful taking, their hunting privileges could be revoked for up to three years for a first offense and permanently for a second offense. The honest hunter bill creates an exception to this rule, where the hunter turns themselves into the Game Commission and surrenders the animal that they mistakenly took.

This week the following bills were also signed into law:

Act 4 (Gillespie) – Act designating several bridges, several state routes, and an interstate route.

Act 5 (Quigley) – Amends the Higher Education Scholarship Law further providing for eligibility for State scholarship.

Act 6 (Tomlinson) – Amends Act empowering the General Counsel or his designee to issue subpoenas for certain licensing board activities providing for reporting of sanctions & criminal proceedings, for defs., for suspensions & civil penalties.

Act 7 (Vogel) – Amends the Solid Waste Management Act, in general provisions, further providing for definitions.

Act 8 (Browne) – Amends the Pharmacy Act, further defining unlawful acts concerning emergency prescriptions.

Act 9 (White) – Act designating the Lance Corporal Michael L. Freeman, Jr., Memorial Highway and several bridges.

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