Governor Wolf Statement of Funeral Services for Corrections Sergeant Baserman

March 07, 2018

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Wolf today issued the following statement on the funeral services for Corrections Sergeant Mark Baserman:

“Sergeant Mark Baserman, in doing his duty to our state prison system – just as he willingly served in the U.S. Army and committed himself as an emergency medical technician – made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of keeping others safe,” said Governor Wolf. “There are not enough words to honor his life, his sacrifice, and his service to his fellow citizens.

“Corrections officers, like first responders and our soldiers, serve quietly and behind the scenes. The act of willingly going to work every day in a dangerous environment to protect the safety of others is an act of heroism. These men and women in uniform are joined today by hundreds more, everyday citizens, who appreciate the unwavering service of public servants like Sgt. Baserman.

“On behalf of all citizens of Pennsylvania – including my wife, Frances, and myself – I would like to extend our sincerest condolences to Sergeant Baserman’s family and to his co-workers at SCI Somerset. Sergeant Baserman will be remembered as a loving son, a devoted friend and community servant, and a brave soldier and corrections officer.”

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