Governor Wolf Statement on Federal Climate Executive Order

March 29, 2017

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf’s statement on the President’s executive order rolling back environmental protections:

“The science of climate change is settled and the President’s actions today turn the federal government’s back on Pennsylvania’s environment and our economy. Today’s action by the President will do nothing to help coal communities but will exacerbate the negative impact climate change is having on our economy – from agriculture to tourism.

“Nevertheless, Pennsylvania, as a major energy provider, will continue to reduce pollution thanks to market decisions in the power sector, increased reliance on clean energy and improved energy efficiency, and improved oversight of emissions of potent greenhouse gasses such as methane.

“This is an issue that should not be driven by partisan politics and empty rhetoric, or a false choice between jobs and the environment. Rather, we should be focused on implementing balanced policies to protect our environment, create good paying jobs in the energy sector, and grow our economy.

“We can reduce Pennsylvania’s carbon emissions — while creating new, good-paying jobs — by promoting a cleaner energy mix including wind, nuclear, solar, energy efficiency, natural gas and clean coal. My administration will continue to actively seek ways to reduce the impact of climate change on our citizens and businesses. ​“

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