Governor Wolf Statement on House Judiciary Bills Weakening Gun Safety

September 24, 2019

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf released the following statement on the House Judiciary Committee’s lack of action on gun safety bills and his intention to veto House Bill 1066, which would give out-of-state groups, including the National Rifle Association, standing to sue Pennsylvania municipalities over local gun safety ordinances and have their legal fees covered by taxpayers:

“I am extremely frustrated today that the House Judiciary Chairman pledged not to allow votes on any additional bipartisan commonsense gun safety priorities. As citizens across Pennsylvania demand gun safety action, the chairman is going in the opposite direction. These bipartisan bills, including universal background checks and extreme risk protection orders, have broad and significant public support. They would also be real steps to keep guns from dangerous individuals, increase public safety, and reduce gun violence. I urge the chairman to reconsider his blockade of these bipartisan bills and allow votes on these measures.

“Further, I want to make clear that I oppose any attempt to weaken or dismantle state and local gun safety provisions. House Bill 1066 empowers out-of-state special interest groups to sue and take taxpayer dollars from our communities simply for trying to make their neighborhoods safer. I will veto this bill or any like it that reaches my desk.

“We should be taking action to improve gun safety and reduce gun violence, not going in the opposite direction. Today’s committee meeting was disheartening but I will continue to fight for safer communities.”

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