Governor Wolf Statement on Penn State Board Vote To Not Raise Tuition

July 17, 2015

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Wolf released the following statement regarding President Eric Barron and the Penn State Board decision not to raise tuition on Pennsylvania residents:

“I commend President Eric Barron and the Penn State Board for voting to not raise tuition on Pennsylvania residents. The board clearly recognizes the need to ease the burden placed on middle-class families across the commonwealth that is the direct result of misguided cuts to higher education by Republican leadership in Harrisburg. We cannot expect our students and their families to shoulder the brunt of failed policies from Harrisburg.

“My budget takes an important step to – over two years – restore the funding that was cut from Penn State. Unfortunately, the Republicans’ obstructionism when it comes to education funding has caused uncertainty for state and state-related institutions as well as forced some to increase tuition, directly hurting middle-class families across the commonwealth.

“I will continue to fight for this much-needed investment in higher education, and I am hopeful that Republicans will come back to the negotiating table so we can reach a final agreement on a budget that invests in education and recognizes the important role institutions like Penn State play in our education system, and most importantly, our economy.”

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