Governor Wolf Statement on Ride Sharing Authorization

October 24, 2016

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Wolf released the following statement on the passage of legislation authorizing ride-sharing in Pennsylvania:

“I am pleased the legislature worked with me to finally pass a long-term solution for ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft to operate everywhere in Pennsylvania. The commonwealth has proven itself to be a place where these companies can invest and grow, and we must continue to find ways to fuel the development of these and other high-tech companies. We can do this by fostering an economic climate like we have seen in Pittsburgh that has resulted in the surge of tech development.

“It is also encouraging that this legislation puts an end to any question about the operations of these companies in Philadelphia. Equally important is that two-thirds of the revenue derived from ride sharing in the city of Philadelphia will go to the Philadelphia School District to help the district continue to strengthen its financial footing. This funding, on top of the additional $97 million I worked to secure in my first two budgets for the school district, will help provide the resources our children need.

“I applaud the legislature for passing this into law and I look forward to signing the bill.”

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