Governor Wolf Takes Action on Legislation

October 19, 2018

Harrisburg, PA – Following the bill signing ceremony for Act 80 (Senate Bill 1090), Governor Tom Wolf took action on seven additional bills passed by the General Assembly:

Act 81 (House Bill 783), sponsored by Representative Tedd Nesbit, amends Title 75 (Vehicles), in certificate of title and security interests, further providing for transfer of ownership of vehicles used for human habitation.

Act 82 (House Bill 1386), sponsored by Representative Kristin Phillips Hill, amends the Public School Code, in certification of teachers, providing for instructional certificate grade spans and age levels and duties of the department.

Act 83 (House Bill 1414), sponsored by Representative Stephen Barrar, amends Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statute specifically permitting flashing or revolving lights in certain instances.

Act 84 (House Bill 1499), sponsored by Representative Mark Keller, amends Title 68 (Real & Personal Property), in creation, alteration, termination, management of the condominiums, cooperatives & planned communities, for powers, for board members and officers; in protection of purchasers, for release of liens.

Act 85 (House Bill 2297), sponsored by Representative John Taylor, Act designating several bridges and highways.

Act 86 (Senate Bill 172), sponsored by Senator David Argall, amends Title 75 (Vehicles), in general provisions, for definitions; for speed timing devices and for automated speed enforcement systems in active work zones and establishing a pilot program for automated speed enforcement on highway.

Governor Wolf also vetoed House Bill 2138.

“Medicaid has served as a critical resource for Pennsylvanians who are suffering from a substance use disorder as our commonwealth battles an unprecedented prescription drug and heroin public health crisis. Through Medicaid expansion, almost 124,000 newly eligible Medicaid enrollees were able to access drug and alcohol treatment that is critical to helping patients recover from the disease of addiction,” said Governor Wolf. “This legislation does not promote health coverage, access and treatment. Instead, this legislation increases costs, creates unnecessary delays and confusion, penalizes individuals who need healthcare, and terminates health coverage for those who need it the most.”

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