Governor Wolf Thanks Legislators for Unveiling His PA GI Bill

April 30, 2019

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today thanked legislators for unveiling his PA GI bill to support Pennsylvania National Guard members’ families in their post-secondary education pursuits.

“Thank you to Reps. Steven Barrar and Chris Sainato, and Sens. Mike Regan and Lindsey Williams, chairs of the respective House and Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committees, and member of those committees for their commitment to supporting legislation to help Pennsylvania National Guard members’ families pursue higher education without the burden of debt,” Gov. Wolf said.

“This is one more way to honor those who serve our commonwealth and our country. In this case, by honoring our military families, the unsung heroes who hold down the fort, take on many extra roles and offer endless support for their service member whether at home or deployed.”

The PA GI Bill is another name for the PA National Guard Military Family Education Program, a program to provide a benefit that National Guard service members can earn to transfer to their spouse or children if the service member reenlists for service.

The PA GI Bill benefit will provide assistance for up to 10 semesters or five years’ equivalent of the in-state rate of PA State System of Higher Education schools.

This bill will enable the National Guard service members to transfer education benefits or defer the benefit by designating eligible beneficiaries up to the time that they complete their Guard service. And spouses will be eligible to use the educational benefit immediately or up to six years after the service member separates from the Guard.

The current education assistance program supports 2,212 National Guard members in over 161 educational institutions in the commonwealth, with over 42 percent attending PASSHE schools.

“I commend the committees for moving forward with this important piece of legislation to help our military families,” Gov. Wolf said. “The military often states that ‘we recruit soldiers and airmen but retain families.’ The PA GI bill demonstrates that the commonwealth is committed to both.”

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