Governor Wolf: Tremont Flooding Helped Inspire Aggressive Restore Pennsylvania Plan

March 07, 2019

Tremont, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today returned to Tremont, Schuylkill County, to see the ongoing recovery after devastating flash flooding last summer. After the tour, the governor highlighted Restore Pennsylvania, his aggressive plan to improve flood protection and Pennsylvania’s aging infrastructure.

“I visited Tremont after the flooding last year and was frustrated that Pennsylvania lacks the funding this community needs to recover and prevent future floods,” said Governor Wolf. “The experiences of communities like Tremont are a reason why I’m proposing Restore Pennsylvania.

“Restore Pennsylvania will provide the funding to help communities with the high cost of flood control projects to keep our homes and businesses safe. Restore Pennsylvania will also help homeowners put their lives back together after severe storms by establishing a disaster relief trust fund to assist individuals who suffer losses that FEMA will not fund.”

The governor was joined by Senator David Argall, representatives Mike Tobash and Neil Goodman, Tremont Mayor Ricky Ney and other local officials.

Governor Wolf’s bold infrastructure initiative, Restore Pennsylvania, would be funded by the monetization of a commonsense severance tax. Restore Pennsylvania will invest $4.5 billion over the next four years in significant, high-impact projects throughout the commonwealth to help catapult Pennsylvania ahead of every state in the country in terms of technology, development, and infrastructure.

Encompassing new and expanded programs to address five priority infrastructure areas including High Speed Internet Access, Storm Preparedness and Disaster Recovery, Downstream Manufacturing, Business Development, and Energy Infrastructure, Demolition, Revitalization, and Renewal, and Transportation Capital Projects, Restore Pennsylvania projects will be driven by local input about local needs. Projects identified by local stakeholders will be evaluated through a competitive process to ensure that high priority, high impact projects are funded and needs across Pennsylvania are met.

Storm Preparedness and Disaster Recovery

Critical Flood Control Infrastructure
Restore Pennsylvania will provide funding for flood prevention that will protect against severe weather and save homes and businesses in flood prone areas across the state. Restore Pennsylvania will provide funding to help towns and cities prepare for flooding and severe weather, upgrade flood walls and levees, replace high-hazard dams, and conduct stream restoration and maintenance.

Helping Families Rebuild
Restore Pennsylvania will establish a disaster relief trust fund to assist individuals who suffer losses that are not compensated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency or other programs.

View the full Restore Pennsylvania plan here.

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