Governor Wolf Unveils Voting Reform Plan for Pennsylvania (Round-up)

By: Governor’s Office of Communications

March 27, 2018

On Monday, March 26, Governor Wolf introduced his 21st century voting reform plan, which included a proposal to advance voting rights by offering same day voter registration, automatic voter registration, and modernizing absentee ballots. It also new campaign finance laws, restrictions on Political Action Committees, and establishing an independent, bi-partisan commission to create future electoral maps.

“To rebuild trust in Harrisburg, we must have fair and accessible elections for all citizens from our rural communities to our big cities,” said Governor Wolf. “These reforms have been championed by House and Senate Democrats to modernize our voting laws and put the people of Pennsylvania back in control of our elections. It’s time to remove barriers to voting, end gerrymandering, and curb special interests.”

Since taking office, Governor Wolf has launched online voter registration, a new program to get high school seniors to register to vote, and a voter information texting initiative. The governor has long advocated for voting and election reform, and it is time for the General Assembly to do more on this issue.

Take a look at the coverage below:

  • Associated Press: Wolf proposes improvement to Pennsylvania’s elections system

    Pennsylvania’s Democratic governor wants to let people register to vote on the day of elections and loosen the state’s strict rules for absentee ballots.
    Gov. Tom Wolf said Monday everyone who gets a license from the state Department of Transportation or signs up for a public service should be automatically registered to vote, unless they specifically opt out. Wolf says there should be limits on how much donors can contribute to political candidates and improvements to how donations are reported.

  • Politics PA: Wolf Introduces Election Reforms

    Wolf proposed three shifts in voting policies, same day voter registration, automatic voter registration, and no-excuse absentee ballots.
    Along with those reforms, Wolf reiterated his push for campaign finance reform by placing limits on campaign contributions and putting restrictions on PACs.

  • Butler Radio: Governor Wolf Speaks About Fair Election Changes

    Governor Tom Wolf reaffirmed his commitment to election fairness and campaign finance reform in a public address Monday afternoon.
    “It’s critically important that our election system be fair and that it be easily accessible because every citizen regardless of zip code or economic circumstance has to be guaranteed the right to decide representation for themselves.”

  • KDKA: Gov. Wolf Proposes Voter Registration, Absentee Ballot Changes

    “It’s critically important that our election system be fair and easily accessible,” said Gov. Wolf on Monday.
    At the state Capitol, Wolf endorsed plans to make it easier for all Pennsylvanians to register to vote.
    “Let’s start with same-day registration. Legislature should take up proposals to allow citizens to register to vote on election day,” said Wolf.

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