Governor Wolf Urges Legislative Action to Raise the Minimum Wage in Pennsylvania

May 31, 2018

Harrisburg, PA – As workers rally at the Capitol for a raise in Pennsylvania’s minimum wage, Governor Tom Wolf reiterated his support for giving worker’s wages an overdue boost:

“Workers in Pennsylvania are long overdue for a raise and it is well past time for Republicans in the General Assembly to raise Pennsylvania’s minimum wage. Pennsylvania has a lower minimum wage than every one of its surrounding states. As corporations get massive tax breaks and executive pay continues to rise, workers at all levels have been left behind and too many Pennsylvanians are working full-time, often in multiple jobs, while barely making ends meet. Pennsylvania is falling behind others states and our neighbors are helping working families while the Republican-controlled legislature here has failed to act in the last decade. I join workers across Pennsylvania in calling for action to raise Pennsylvania’s minimum wage.”

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