Governor Wolf: White House Gag Rule Would Restrict Women’s Healthcare, Censor Doctors

May 18, 2018

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today criticized a White House plan to impose a “gag rule” that would prevent doctors from discussing certain legal medical procedures with female patients at health care centers receiving Title X funding.

Governor Wolf’s full statement:

“There is no role for government to step between a woman and her doctor. President Trump’s plan will cut women off from critical health care services like birth control and preventive care, including cancer screenings. The plan censors doctors and strips federal funding from certain health care providers for discussing legal health care procedures with their patients.

“President Trump has already worked to sabotage our health care system and cause premiums to spike. Now, he’s launching his latest attack on women’s access to health care.

“Pennsylvania women and their families have a constitutional right to make their own healthcare decisions. I will explore every avenue to protect our citizens from this destructive plan.”

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