Governor Wolf’s First Term Marks Substantial Shift for Pennsylvania’s Energy, Environment

January 08, 2019

Harrisburg, PA – Since taking office, Governor Tom Wolf has worked to protect Pennsylvania’s air, water, and land through smarter energy policy and conservation. Today following the signing of a new executive order establishing the first statewide air pollution goal, he pledged to continue to make Pennsylvania an environmental leader in his second term.

“Since coming to office I have been a strong advocate for the environment and have worked to make sure all Pennsylvanians have clean air and pure water,” said Governor Wolf. “Pennsylvania has seen major reductions in pollution since I came to office. Our focus on increased reliance on clean energy, improved energy efficiency, and improved oversight of emissions of potent greenhouse gases such as methane, have all been critical in helping to move Pennsylvania forward.”

Governor Wolf’s efforts over the past four years, including working in a bipartisan manner with the General Assembly, and environmental advocates, have resulted in increased protections for Pennsylvania’s resources:

Clear Air

Pure Water

Clean Energy Jobs

Modernization, Remediation, and Sustainability

In addition to the Wolf Administration’s first term accomplishments, the governor vowed to continue to take meaningful steps to address climate change, while helping to create good paying jobs in the clean energy sector and be a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars by:

  • Continuing to work to streamline permitting by utilizing technology such as e-permitting and continual process improvements to ensure that the regulated community receives permit decisions in a predictable, timely manner, while Pennsylvania’s critical environment protections are maintained.
  • Finalizing a strong Watershed Implementation Plan to support Pennsylvania farmers and communities in improving local water quality.
  • Participating in the regional Transportation Climate Initiative to develop the clean energy economy and reduce oil dependence and greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector.
  • Moving forward with implementation of recommendations of the PA Solar Future Plan.
  • Supporting the implementation of Pennsylvania’s Climate Action Plan, which will be released shortly and contains numerous strategies to address climate change impacts and reduce emissions within various sectors of Pennsylvania’s economy.
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