Governor Wolf’s Guide to the Best Hot Dog in Philly

By: Governor Tom Wolf

July 21, 2016

Do you know what July is? It’s National Hot Dog month – the best time of the year! It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of this all-American treat. Here’s a picture of me ordering one at the Little League World Series last year when I went to cheer on Pennsylvania’s very own Red Land Little Leaguers.


As visitors pour into Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention, I’m encouraging everyone to get a real taste of Philadelphia. Of course there are a number of great fine dining options to check out, but I’d recommend getting a soft pretzel, cheesesteak, and of course, a hot dog at one of the hundreds of incredible street vendors in the city.

Where are the best dogs in town, you may ask? As you can watch in the video below, I’d recommend the hot dog stand on the corner of Sansom and Broad street. When I was running for governor, I’d sneak out of the campaign office and run down the street to this hot dog cart for a quick lunch.

And the answer to your most burning question – what does the governor of Pennsylvania put on his hot dog?

The answer is simple – sauerkraut and mustard.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering. A hot dog is a sandwich, and a good one too.



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