We Read the GOP Healthcare Repeal Plan and It’s as Bad as You Think

By: Sarah Galbally, Secretary of Policy and Planning

March 09, 2017

For years and years, Republicans in Washington have promised that they have a plan that would lower healthcare costs and improve services for all Americans. On Monday, they finally revealed the legislation.

We read their plan. And it doesn’t lower costs or improve services.

In fact, this plan would be an absolute nightmare for Pennsylvanians.

This plan:

  • Would have a devastating effect on public health services for Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable populations – like children, seniors, and those living in rural areas.
  • Gives a tax cut for millionaires while making it harder for hard working Pennsylvanians to purchase health insurance.
  • Would strip coverage from those seeking to treat a substance use disorder amid a opioid and heroin public health crisis.
  • Allows insurance companies to charge seniors five times more than others and would drastically cut subsidies for seniors, especially those with fixed or low incomes and in rural areas.
  • Defunds Planned Parenthood in a major blow to women’s healthcare.
  • Forces Pennsylvanians to pay more for less care and charges higher deductibles and higher premiums for low income residents.
  • Hampers our ability to detect, prevent, and respond to potentially devastating disease outbreaks like influenza and foodborne illnesses.

These are just a few of the ways this bill would be devastating for Pennsylvanians, but Republicans in Washington are hellbent on pushing this legislation without public vetting. Americans are being given less than seven days to understand how this bill would negatively impact their health, finances, and family.

Governor Wolf is standing up to the Republicans in Washington to fight for Pennsylvania families. Yesterday, he wrote to five Pennsylvania Congressmen on two key U.S. House committees to formally ask them to reject this legislation, which the administration’s analysis says would cause serious harm to Pennsylvania seniors, individuals with disabilities, and populations with both Medicaid and private insurance and force the state to find billions of dollars or eliminate access to quality health care to hard working Pennsylvanians.

Governor Wolf will continue to do everything he can to fight this plan and ensure that Pennsylvanians will continue to have access to quality, affordable healthcare.


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