I Wish Every Month Was Peach Month

By: Ashlee O Dugan, PA Preferred™ Coordinator, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

August 29, 2016

Pennsylvania’s harvest season is upon us – when local growers and producers fill farm markets and roadside stands with their fresh, quality produce. The more than 1,000 farm markets and farm stands across the Commonwealth provide visitors with the first-hand experience of farm-fresh cuisine, and many of these historic markets have been providing these fabulous tastes of the regions for generations.

This month, communities across the country celebrated their local farmers markets during National Farmers Market Week and National Peach Month throughout August.

In celebration of National Peach Month, we’re sharing a slice of our Happy Harvest through this recipe and cooking demonstration by Governor’s Residence Executive Chef Barry Crumlich.

Pennsylvania farmers produce some of the country’s most amazing peaches – and some may say that local peaches taste the best. Local peaches can stay on the branch longer because they do not have to travel hundreds or thousands miles to reach their point of sale location. They make way to us directly from the farmer that grew the peach. I feel a true sense of connection and comfort knowing the people that grow my food.

Purchasing these beautiful products from our farmers is better for Pennsylvania’s farmland, the farmer, the environment and our local economy. Wow, that’s one powerful peach. Now more than ever, farmers markets serve as anchors across American communities, positively influencing community health and wealth. Here in Pennsylvania, markets result in more viable regional economies and local farm businesses, increased access to fresh, nutritious food, and stronger social networks that help keep communities healthy.

Happy Harvest, Pennsylvania – and keep on eating local!

For a complete list of PA Preferred businesses or to locate the farms and markets closest to you, please visit www.papreferred.com and stay tuned for more opportunities to celebrate local food during PA Preferred Month in September!


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