Map: 400+ PA Locations Allowed to Sell Wine or Six-Packs To Go

By: Darwin Paz, Digital Assistant

May 11, 2017

Less than one year since Governor Wolf and the legislature passed major liquor reform measures, more than 400 locations throughout Pennsylvania now may sell wine and six-packs of beer.

Since taking office, Governor Wolf has signed legislation to allow six-packs to be sold in gas stations, and beer distributors; expand Fine Wine & Good Spirits store hours; make wine and beer available by mail; and allow wine and beer to be available at more locations – like grocery stores.

The Wolf Administration’s goal has always been to improve the customer experience, make pricing more competitive, make the purchase of products more convenient, and bring more revenue into the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has approved 430 locations that may sell up to three liters of wine and two six-packs of beer to go, per transaction. Check out the map below to find a location you may soon be able to buy wine by the bottle and a six-pack of beer.

(If you are having trouble viewing the map, open the blog in a private or incognito browsing window.)

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