March Jobs That Pay Update: PAsmart, Job Creation, and Infrastructure Investments

By: The Office of Governor Tom Wolf

March 16, 2018

This month, Governor Wolf announced a $50 million plan to invest in workforce development, expanded Amazon tech operations in PA, and a facelift for America’s oldest bridge.

Helping Pennsylvanians Get Job Training

Governor Wolf outlined PAsmart, a $50 million investment in PA’s workforce that will help connect residents with training and job opportunities. Leading this effort, the governor announced new apprenticeship programs, grants to support job training partnerships between schools and businesses, and $1.2 million in funding to expand job and skill training in more than 38 school districts.

Creating Jobs

As companies continue to build up operations in Pennsylvania, Governor Wolf announced Amazon’s plans to expand the company’s tech hub in Pittsburgh — an effort that will create 125 new tech jobs in the Steel City. In addition, the governor announced loan approvals that will help create and retain nearly 500 jobs across the commonwealth.

Improving Infrastructure

Governor Wolf announced more than $22 million in funding to support infrastructure across PA. Projects include a hub for retail and community services for distressed communities in West Philadelphia, safety enhancements for 41 intersections across the commonwealth, and the rehabilitation of America’s oldest bridge.

In addition, Governor Wolf announced $705,000 in funding for the development and promotion of Pennsylvania brews.

Highlights from February – March 2018

Highlights from Instagram

Meet Stan — he’s helping to train the next generation of precision grinders at New Century Careers in Pittsburgh where he’s been an instructor for 10 years. On Friday, we were at New Century to officially kick off my new workforce development initiative: PAsmart. With over six decades of experience in his trade, he wanted to make sure that this important skill is passed down to the next generation of workers. Across our commonwealth, our businesses are growing and increasing the demand for skilled labor. That’s why my administration has centralized programs and resources from across state agencies that help Pennsylvanians learn the skills they need to build family-sustaining careers and prepare them for the jobs we have available right now.

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