Check Out the New Health and Human Services Unification Informational Webpage

By: Eric Hagarty, Deputy Chief of Staff

May 08, 2017

Over the past several months, Governor Wolf has worked closely with the Departments of Aging, Drug & Alcohol Programs, Health, and Human Services to identify and break down silos and reimagine how the commonwealth delivers the critical services each agency offers daily to millions of Pennsylvanians.

A graph of the overlapping populations served by the human services agenciesA chart shows the overlapping populations currently served by the four human services agencies. Unification will allow these populations to be served at one, Health and Humans Services agency.

The Wolf Administration recently launched a webpage that details the results of these efforts: a proposal to unify these agencies into a new Department of Health and Human Services. The comprehensive webpage, located at, provides details about what a unified agency’s deputates, or divisions, including primary functions and organizational charts, could look like when fully implemented. It also includes information about draft legislation that would integrate the agencies.

The introduction of the webpage, chock full of useful information and details on the unification, is also big step toward broader transparency in government and a real chance to hear from stakeholders and the public on how this unification might affect them. Every item on the webpage is a draft, and we want your input to improve this proposal even more.

image of Health and Human Services Website
Screenshot of the new HHS webpage.

I invite you to visit the site and see what might be in the unification for you. Visit often; the site will continue to be updated as the unification process moves along. Give us your comments. Let us know how a streamlined delivery of services can better meet your needs or those of your family. The feedback button will take you directly to a form where you can detail your suggestions.

The concept of unifying these important services into one cohesive, non-duplicative, efficient department isn’t a Democratic or Republican idea – it’s a concept with the sole aim of making government work better for Pennsylvanians. Governor Wolf is committed to a government that works and that government can’t work without the input of the people it serves.




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