On ‘Jobs That Pay’ Tour, Governor Wolf Visits Cook MyoSite

July 31, 2017

Pittsburgh, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today toured Cook MyoSite, a leader in regenerative medicine formed in 2002 from research conducted at the University of Pittsburgh to expand the company’s world of cellular technologies. Through pioneering efforts, research involving the use of adult skeletal muscle-derived cells for tissue augmentation is being developed into a treatment option for patients with a variety of muscle-related disorders.

“The work Cook MyoSite is doing in Pittsburgh is fascinating, groundbreaking, and a tremendous example of jobs that pay,” Governor Wolf said. “The company’s work in biomedical engineering is changing lives, and we are proud to support Cook MyoSite’s growth here in Pennsylvania. Born out of research from the University of Pittsburgh, this company is an example of why investing in education is good for business and our economy.”

Cook MyoSite recently expanded operations by renovating a 62,000-square-foot building adjacent to its original facility in O’Hara Township, Allegheny County. Along with the bricks-and-mortar expansion, Cook MyoSite added 64 new jobs, bringing its complement to more than 130.

For the expansion and job creation project, Cook was offered a funding proposal in 2015 from the Governor’s Action Team that included a $100,000 Pennsylvania First Program grant and $28,800 in WEDnet PA grant funding.

The new facility, when completed, will be a manufacturing location for global distribution of a biopharmaceutical product that uses a patient’s own muscle cells to create a specialized treatment for numerous disease states.

“Local economic incentives are one of several keys to attracting biotechnology business interest and talent in the region, and we appreciate the support of the governor’s office as we continue to expand our operations in Pittsburgh and reach our goal of delivering important medical treatments to patients,” Cook MyoSite VP of Product Development, Ron Jankowski said.

While at Cook MyoSite, Governor Wolf toured the lab facilities, experiencing the company’s work first-hand by observing tissue samples under a microscope, and later sitting down with company employees to learn more about regenerative medicine and the FDA-approval process.

Cook MyoSite is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cook Group Incorporated, which was founded in 1963 in Bloomington, Indiana. Cook primarily manufactures medical devices and markets over 16,000 products across 13 hospital service lines in 135 countries.

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