On “Jobs that Pay” Tour Stops, Governor Wolf Calls on Harrisburg Lawmakers to Pass Minimum Wage Legislation

March 08, 2016

Harrisburg, PA – Yesterday, as part of his “Jobs That Pay” initiative, Governor Tom Wolf signed an executive order that ensures employees under the governor’s jurisdiction will be paid no less than $10.15 an hour. Governor Tom Wolf is now calling upon Pennsylvania legislators to pass a minimum wage increase for all Pennsylvania workers. The increase would benefit more than 1.2 million Pennsylvania workers, many of whom are adults with families.

“I am calling on the Pennsylvania House and Senate to pass legislation that increases the minimum wage in Pennsylvania,” said Governor Tom Wolf. “A minimum wage increase to $10.15 per hour supports local businesses, creates new jobs, and would boost state revenue by roughly $60 million annually.”

In Delaware County, Governor Wolf visited MOM’s Organic Market, a locally owned and operated company founded in 1987. They sell 100% organic produce and pride themselves on carrying the area’s highest quality produce every day.

In April 2014 MOM’s Organic Market raised their minimum wage, from $10.00 to $11.00 per hour.  Gordon Scoff, the general manager of the Bryn Mawr MOM’s, said that they viewed raising the minimum wage as an investment into their most valuable assets, their people.  Since they raised the minimum wage, they have seen increased productivity, increased employee retention, and an improved culture. Finally, Mom’s Organic Market is also as profitable as ever.

Following his tour stop at MOM’s, Governor Wolf stopped at Trolley Car Diner on Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia. This deli and ice cream shoppe has been operating since 2000.

“If the minimum wage is increased across the board, all restaurants in our area will be on the same level playing field,” said Ken Weinstein, the owner of Trolley Car Diner. “By doing so, no one will have an unfair competitive advantage. It will be a win-win because all employees will have more spending power. Small businesses will be able to compete, grow, and keep both employees and customers.”

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