BLOG: Pennsylvania Has a Fair Funding Formula: Sorry, Delaware and North Carolina

By: J.J. Abbott, Deputy Press Secretary

June 02, 2016

A landmark report in 2013 revealed a stark ranking for Pennsylvania: we were one of only three states without a funding formula to fairly, equitably and adequately distribute new funding to school districts.

This week, Governor Tom Wolf signed Pennsylvania’s fair funding formula into law.

And that leaves Delaware and North Carolina alone as states without a fair funding formula.

While this is a victory for students, their parents, teachers and school administrators, it is not a singular or quick fix.

As Governor Wolf has pointed out and education advocates have pushed, in order for the formula to work, the General Assembly must allocate more money for our schools.

Only more funding, not the formula alone can solve another ranking problem for the commonwealth: A ranking of states regarding school-funding equity found Pennsylvania in 47th place.

As Governor Wolf works toward a final 2016-2017 budget, he will be fighting to push more funding out so Pennsylvania’s schools can start to move forward.


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