Pennsylvania Governor Wolf: GOP ACA Plan Would Hurt Pennsylvanians and Cause Unnecessary Chaos

February 24, 2017

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf today warned Congress to reconsider their current plan to cut health care for millions of Pennsylvanians, increase costs for seniors, jeopardize health security for people with pre-existing conditions, and cause chaos for state governments. Governor Wolf’s full statement:

“The draft proposal that we are seeing for the first time today is a nightmare for at least a million Pennsylvanians and deeply concerning for our commonwealth as a whole. We need to fix the Affordable Care Act, not force people to lose their health care causing chaos and uncertainty.

The proposed plan would rip access to health care away from more than a million Pennsylvanians and hurt nearly everyone receiving commercial insurance as well. Seniors are particularly vulnerable in this proposal, as it would allow insurers to charge them more than five times for coverage over other populations.

According to the replacement plan revealed today, Medicaid expansion would be scrapped and future reimbursement for states would be capped, and people with pre-existing conditions may no longer be guaranteed coverage. This would force more people to rely on the emergency room for uncompensated care, which translates to higher costs for all of us, and likely push many small and rural hospitals in Pennsylvania to close. Further, at least 125,000 Pennsylvanians would be robbed of the opportunity to seek substance use treatments, which would exacerbate our already crippling opioid and heroin crisis.

This proposal is not a replacement – it is designed to pull the rug out from under our most vulnerable citizens, including seniors, children, and individuals with disabilities, by slashing their health care and putting their lives at risk.”

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