Pennsylvania Provides Trusted Election Returns and Information

November 03, 2020

Governor Tom Wolf is encouraging Pennsylvanians to get election returns and information from trusted and reliable sources and be on guard for disinformation. The Department of State provides election returns on and offers a new dashboard showing the progress of counting mail and absentee ballots.

“We want Pennsylvanians to have the most reliable information possible as dedicated county election offices work tirelessly to count every ballot in the days ahead,” said Gov. Wolf. “The state’s official website and the social media accounts of the Department of State and Governor’s Office will provide updates that people can trust.

“Our nation has already experienced bad actors using false information to try to confuse and divide us. Getting accurate election results from trusted sources is better for all of us, regardless of who wins each race.”

The Department of State provides election returns showing votes cast by mail and in person as counts are received from each county. Additionally, the new dashboard at provides the total number of mail and absentee ballots cast and the progress in counting those votes, including the number of ballots that remain to be counted. The dashboard also displays the number and percentage of precincts for which polling place voting results are reported by the counties. Data on provisional ballot counts will be added when available.

Visit these official state and county websites for election returns and information:

Follow these official commonwealth accounts for election developments:

For more information on voting and elections in Pennsylvania, call the Department of State’s toll-free hotline at 1-877-VOTESPA (1-877-868-3772) or visit

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