BLOG: We Must Protect All Victims

By: Governor Tom Wolf

June 13, 2016

The need for greater protections against sexual assault — be it for children or young adults on college campuses — is urgent. As governor of Pennsylvania, I am committed to expanding the ability of victims to come forward without fear and hold their abusers accountable, including supporting the removal of criminal statutes of limitation for child sex abuse, which House Bill 1947 would do.

I commend legislators in Harrisburg including Reps. Mark Rozzi, D, Berks County; Ron Marsico, R., Dauphin; Nick Miccarelli, R., Delaware; James R. Santora, R., Delaware; Joe Petrarca, D., Westmoreland; Tim Briggs, D., Montgomery; Martina White, R., Philadelphia; and Margo Davidson, D., Delaware; and Sen. John Sabatina, D., Phila., for showing courage in the face of misguided opposition, and for standing up for victims of sexual abuse.

There is no dollar amount or time limit that can, or should, be placed on holding those accountable who prey on those who are vulnerable and defenseless.

We must continue to look at the entire system to change what has become a true crisis for all Pennsylvanians, especially our children and young people.


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