How my Budget Protects Jobs and Taxpayers in Pennsylvania

By: Governor Tom Wolf

February 28, 2017

Pennsylvania’s economic development projects provide tremendous value to our commonwealth. However, businesses that receive state funding to expand economic opportunity must be held accountable for the use of those dollars.

To ensure the greatest amount of accountability and to protect taxpayer dollars, my budget proposes to make some changes to our job creation grant programs.

  • First, if a company commits to create jobs in Pennsylvania, and fails to make progress towards creating those jobs, the state will require full repayment of the grant amount.
  • Secondly, if a company receives a grant from the state and subsequently moves operations out of Pennsylvania, we will require full repayment of the grant, as well as a 10 percent penalty.
  • Finally, companies that receive state economic development grants will be required to maintain any job created for no less than five years after the grant was received. In addition, companies will be required to maintain operations within the commonwealth for no less than eight years.

These new, commonsense accountability measures will help Pennsylvania create jobs that pay and a government that works. That’s been my top priority since day one and you can count on me to keep fighting for you.


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