Registering Pennsylvanians One Tweet at a Time

By: Marian K. Schneider, Deputy Secretary for Elections and Administration

September 26, 2016

The Department of State is holding a National Voter Registration Day Twitter Town Hall on Tuesday, September 27, at 12 PM. Join the conversation by following @PAStateDept on Twitter and using the hashtag #CelebrateNVRD and #votesPA.


The month of September ushers in a new school year, another fall season and a long list of items flavored with pumpkin spice. September is also National Voter Registration Month and hundreds of events are planned across the country to raise awareness about the importance of voting and providing voters with helpful information about voting and registration.

The National Association of Secretaries of State estimated in 2008 that 6 million Americans did not vote because they missed their state’s registration deadline or didn’t know how to register. On Tuesday, September 27, recognized as National Voter Registration Day, the Department of State will host a Twitter Town Hall to inform citizens about upcoming deadlines, important dates to remember and where to find key information before the November general election. Election officials and advocates across the country will join together on this one day to drive eligible but unregistered voters to register. This state-to-state coordinated effort will create an opportunity to reach eligible voters who may be searching for information and outlets to assist them with their registration needs.

The department’s Twitter Town Hall goals are:
  • Equip eligible voters with the information needed before the November election
  • Provide a reminder to residents to check their registration status and make any necessary changes to address, name, or party affiliation
  • Promote the various platforms DOS has established to help citizens register to vote
  • Provide accurate and detailed answers to questions on registration and voting
  • Highlight the department’s hotline that can be used on or before Election Day to have questions answered, as well as to report issues or problems at the polling place.

The National Voter Registration Day Twitter Town Hall is Tuesday, September 27, at 12 PM. Everyone is encouraged to join the conversation by following @PAStateDept on Twitter and using the hashtag #CelebrateNVRD and #votesPA.

For more information on voting in Pennsylvania, check out our video Everyone VotesPA: A Toolkit for the Pennsylvania Voter.


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