Remarks by Governor Tom Wolf at Martin Luther King Day of Service

January 18, 2016

21st Annual Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service
Philadelphia, PA


Good Morning and welcome to the 21st Annual Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service.

I’m so honored to be able to welcome the 5,000 volunteers that will participate in this event here at Girard College today.

Greater Philadelphia Martin Luther King Day of Service is the largest King Day event in the nation with over 135,000 people across the region participating in a service project.

And today we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a servant leader dedicated to justice, equality and fairness.

I’m reminded today about the importance of leadership in service to the citizens among us in most need.

And of Dr. King’s urgent persistence in moving people of his time toward a better democracy.

A democracy based on the ideals of leaders that preceded him.

A system that leaders before him established here in Philadelphia.

Where all men are created equal.

And now, during our time, we continue that legacy in our work to make life better for citizens of our great state.

We continue moving our government towards fairness and equality in opportunity.

This day continues to inspire me and I’m thankful that I’m able to return as Governor and work shoulder to shoulder with so many of you.

Because I know that there are thousands, hundreds of thousands in this region alone, that are coming together in service to others today.

Thank you to all the organizations here today, and particularly Global Citizen and its president, Todd Bernstein.

You all have truly given breadth and momentum to this movement, and Pennsylvania, the United States, and the world is all the better for I.


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