Remarks by Governor Wolf at Historic Liquor Reform Bill Signing

June 08, 2016

Historic Liquor Reform Bill Signing
Harrisburg, PA


Today I am following through on a promise I made during my campaign to modernize our wine and spirits system

This bill is truly historic

It is the most significant step we’ve taken in this area in 80 years

This bill will improve the customer experience

It will make pricing more competitive

It will make the purchase of these products more convenient

It will produce more revenue for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania

And it shows that we can do things here in Harrisburg that matter to our fellow citizens

This bill also shows – once again – that Democrats and Republicans can work together

Today, we are changing a system that many people in Pennsylvania have wanted to change for a long time

And it has come about because members of both parties have cooperated with each other

I promised to modernize our state store system when I ran for governor

This bill delivers on that promise

Six packs of beer will now be sold in convenience stores as part of this law

Wine will be sold in supermarkets

I want to pay special tribute to a number of people

Speaker Mike Turzai

Representative Paul Costa

Sen. Chuck McIlhinney

Leader Dave Reed

Leader Frank Dermody

Chairman Bill Adolph

Chairman Jor Markosic

The citizens of Pennsylvania have called for change in the way our system works

This bill responds to that call

I am pleased to join with my colleagues here to sign it into law

And I have every confidence that the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board – and especially its board members – are deeply committed to making this work

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