Remarks by Governor Wolf at Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Signing

April 19, 2016

Pennsylvania State Capitol
Harrisburg, PA


This is a very good day for Pennsylvania

And a very good day for Pennsylvanians

I’m signing a bill that will bring real relief to many people throughout the commonwealth

This bill says a number of good things about what goes on here in Harrisburg

First, it shows that people here can work across the partisan divide

This is not a Republican or a Democratic bill

This is not a liberal or a conservative bill

Nor is it a Senate or a House bill

This is the result of a lot of good people working together to respond to a real human need

Second this bill shows what good, eloquent, heartfelt representation can produce

The advocates here deserve real congratulations – as well as thanks – for the effective way they have presented their important case

Finally, this bill shows that our government in Harrisburg can do good things for the people it serves

Simply because it is the right thing to do

This bill is not about special interests or narrow benefits

This bill is about doing good for all of us

One final note

On Thursday, a construction worker I know came up to me and said, “Tom, I have a good friend who is in an advanced stage of MS. He’s in a wheel chair. He knew I was going to see you and he asked me to tell you ‘Thanks.’”

Up until now, his doctor has had to prescribe very hard medicine for him

With this bill, his doctor will be able to prescribe treatment that is – in both their opinions – better and more effective

So I simply want to pass this thanks onto everyone here who made that happen:

Senator Folmer

Senator Leach

Representative Vereb

Representative Petrarcha

And most of all, the advocates

A heartfelt “Thank you!”

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