Round-Up: Gov. Wolf Expands Voter Registration Access for Eligible Pennsylvanians

September 09, 2022

Governor Tom Wolf signed an executive order designating seven state agencies as Voter Registration Distribution Agencies. The move will expand access to voter registration for all eligible Pennsylvanians by making information and application forms available in many more state offices.

Coverage highlights of the voter registration executive order:

AP News | Wolf move expands voter registration forms at state offices

The executive order requires the materials and information be available to the public through agencies within the Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources, Corrections, Education, Labor and Industry, Military and Veterans Affairs and State departments.

Penn Capital-Star | Wolf signs executive order expanding access to voter registration information

“We are proud of the free and fair elections held here in the Commonwealth, and that would not be possible without first providing convenient, accessible opportunities for every eligible citizen to register to vote,” Wolf said.

Pennlive | Voter registration access expanded to more Pa. state agency locations

Under this order, voter registration materials will now be available at state park offices, public libraries, Farm Show events, CareerLink offices, veterans homes, Bureau of Community Corrections services, and public Bureau of Elections, Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs, and Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations locations.

CBS21 | Voter access expanded to millions (in) Pennsylvania as Gov. Wolf signs executive order 

“It’s important to meet people where they are and make sure everyone is educated about their right to be registered and right to vote,” said Jonathan Marks, deputy secretary for Elections and Commissions.

Spotlight PA | Ahead of pivotal 2022 Pa. election, Wolf administration expands access to voter registration forms

Pennsylvania will now offer voter registration forms at libraries, state park offices, and state-run veterans homes, among other locations, as part of an enhanced effort to reach about 1.7 million people eligible to vote but who are not registered.

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