ROUND-UP: Governor Wolf, Secretary Richards Announce Expanded Plow Truck Tracking

October 23, 2015

Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf and PennDOT Secretary Leslie S. Richards announced that this winter season, more than 700 plow trucks covering interstates and expressways statewide will be outfitted with technology to improve location and operations information through an expanded pilot program. The technology will allow PennDOT to see operations and conditions on the ground in real-time. The program is part of Gov. Wolf’s GO-TIME initiative, which leverages interagency cooperation and collaboration to maximize efficiency, modernize state government operations, and provide high quality services. The public will also be able to track real-time data later this winter through PennDOT’s traveler information website,

Check out some of the coverage of the announcement below:

WESA: How You Can Track PennDOT Plows This Winter

“The jack-o-lanterns have not yet found their way to the compost pile, but the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is already thinking about getting its snow plows on the road. This year, managers and the public will be better able to keep tabs on those trucks… “To show people who want to drive maybe to help an ailing parent or grandparent what route to take, where the plows had actually operated most recently,” Gov. Tom Wolf said. “So they can know what roads have been plowed and what roads they can most safely take.” Residents can take a peak at PennDOT’s movement on its website in real time.” [WESA, 10/22/15]

WTAJ: New tracking technology on plow trucks

“This new technology is geared towards helping to improve location and operations information with a new program PennDOT is behind… It’s tracking technology that will give a real-time look at the location, plow-route coverage and the usage of the salt and anti-skid materials. Leslie Richards, PennDOT, said it help them identify conditions better than they already are. “It’s making us more efficient in how we use our equipment and the amount of materials we use and how we use them,” said Sec. Richards. “It’s allowing us to be more transparent releasing this information to the public so they can see where our winter operations are occurring so they can plan effectively.”… Not only will this help PennDOT, but since this technology syncs up to, people will be able to see in real-time the location of the trucks and road conditions.” [WTAJ, 10/22/15]

CBS21: PennDOT to track over 700 plow trucks

“The governor joined PennDOT Secretary Leslie S. Richards in Harrisburg to explain how the Automated Vehicle Location system will help improve the department’s real-time information on vehicle movement, plow-route coverage and usage of materials such as salt and anti-skid… “This system will allow PennDOT to see operations and conditions on the ground in real-time, helping them to better analyze how they do their jobs and get the best investment out of every dollar,” Wolf said.” [CBS21, 10/22/2015]

WGAL: New tech fitted to plow trucks will help keep roads clear, governor says

“Officials say the new system will help save money with a combination of reduced salt usage and better use of PennDOT equipment. PennDOT plans to make the system’s real-time location data available to the public later this year through its traveler information website,” [WGAL, 10/22/15]

FOX43: Wolf announces expanded plow truck tracking technology for PennDOT vehicles

“We expect that this technology will not only help us review truck movement and material usage after a storm, but it should also help us while storms are occurring,” Richards said. “Interstates and expressways are our top priority during winter weather, and this system will help us identify and respond to real-time conditions even better than we do today.” [FOX43, 10/22/15]

WMFZ: PennDOT will track over 700 plows this winter

“A government that works is also a transparent one and this pilot is a perfect example of maximizing efficiency and modernizing operations.”… The AVL system will be installed on 516 PennDOT plow trucks and 212 contracted rental trucks servicing interstates and expressways across Pennsylvania.” [WFMZ, 10/22/15]

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