VIDEO: Governor Wolf on Parkland Anniversary: “We must do more”

February 14, 2019

Harrisburg, PA – In a video message, Governor Tom Wolf marked the anniversary of the Parkland shooting that sparked unprecedented civic engagement by students, parents, and safety advocates across Pennsylvania and the nation.

Recalling Pennsylvania’s own tragic mass shooting last year, Governor Wolf reaffirmed his appreciation for those who made their voices heard and his support for commonsense gun safety proposals.

The message is also posted on YouTube and Twitter.

Governor Wolf’s full message:

“Gun violence is an everyday terror in too many of our communities. The Parkland shooting fueled unprecedented activism by students and parents driven to change that. Their voices amplified the concerns of people across America who have been plagued by gun violence for far too long.

“Since then, here in Pennsylvania, we passed the first gun safety bill in decades. We budgeted more money for safety in schools and invested in community security upgrades.

“The Tree of Life shooting reaffirmed to me that we must do more. We must keep guns from dangerous individuals. No gun should be sold anywhere without a background check. And we must have an honest conversation about the ease by which anyone can get a weapon designed for warfare.

“This week, let’s honor all those we’ve lost to gun violence. And thank everyone who has said “enough” and got involved to make change happen. The students, the parents, the Moms and the dads. The teachers and law enforcement officials. The faith leaders and community organizers.

“Your activism honors those we lost. Your action has led to real change. I want to reaffirm my support for commonsense gun safety legislation. I hope each of you will join me in urging our state and federal lawmakers to go further to make sure dangerous individuals can’t access firearms.

“Your voices do make the difference. Thank you.”

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