VIDEO: Governor Wolf Statement Regarding Incident at Al Aqsa Islamic Society Mosque in Philadelphia

December 09, 2015

Harrisburg, PA  –  Governor Wolf issued the following statement, edited for clarity, regarding the recent incident at Al Aqsa Islamic Society mosque in Philadelphia:

“Pennsylvania and Pennsylvanians will not tolerate hate. We will not tolerate injustice. We will not tolerate unfairness. All of us should be outraged by what happened outside the Al Aqsa Islamic Society mosque in Philadelphia this Sunday night. What happened is a direct affront to Muslims and is a direct affront to every Pennsylvanian who holds dear the principles that this commonwealth was founded on.

“William Penn founded our commonwealth on the principles of honesty, justice, fairness and tolerance for all people. He came here on a ship called the “Welcome.”

“Our Muslim community is part of the fabric of Pennsylvania that makes us great. Its members are our brothers and sisters, our aunts and uncles, our fathers and our mothers. They own businesses and help build our communities.

“The commonwealth stands ready to assist the city of Philadelphia in any way it can to get to the heart of what happened on Sunday night and to bring the perpetrator of this terrible injustice to justice.”

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