Watch the Joint Session Tomorrow on Facebook Live

By: Governor Tom Wolf

September 27, 2016

Tomorrow, I will address the House and the Senate in a joint session about taking quick action to combat the opioid and heroin crisis.

With 10 people a day dying from drug overdoses in our commonwealth, we cannot afford to stall.

Through legislation, we should require prescribers to check the Prescription Drug Monitoring Database every time they prescribe opioids and limit the opioid quantities that emergency rooms patients can be prescribed at one time.

We also need laws that require medical professionals to receive updated education about opioids and pain management and should require public school students to be taught about opioid misuse.

Legislation is needed to require insurance carriers to make abuse deterrent opioids more affordable and to establish a voluntary directive for patients who don’t want to be prescribed opioids.

After consultation with legislative leaders, I believe we can make a profound impact by working together this fall to combat the opioid and heroin epidemic in our commonwealth.

I hope you can watch my address to the House and Senate tomorrow at 11:30 AM on Facebook Live for more information. Thank you.


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