Weekly Update: Combatting the Opioid Epidemic, Advocating for Domestic Violence Reforms, and Creating Jobs

April 09, 2018

Disaster Declaration
Last Wednesday, the governor renewed his 90-day opioid disaster declaration, which was introduced in January and set to expire on April 10. The renewal allows for the 13 initiatives introduced in the past 90 days to continue without interruption and for the introduction of new initiatives to help those suffering from opioid use disorder. One of these initiatives included the creation of the Opioid Data Dashboard, which expands access to data that is crucial in the fight against the opioid crisis.

“We have made real progress during the disaster declaration to stem the tide of this epidemic and provide better resources and coordination for those on the front lines,” Gov. Wolf said. “But it is critical that we keep building on our efforts at prevention, rescue, and treatment. I am extending the disaster declaration for another 90 days to ensure that my administration and local partners can continue to use every tool available to them to help people and communities in need.”

On Tuesday, Governor Wolf launched a pilot program for the Sheriff Senior Check-In Service in three counties. The Sheriff Offices of Centre, Venango, and Warren counties are partnering with the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency to help Pennsylvania’s seniors live independently by checking in with a regular phone call. The Check-In Service will help individuals with a limited support system feel more comfortable at home and could make the difference in case of an emergency situation. The governor is hoping for this program to be available for more counties throughout the year.

Last week, Governor Wolf highlighted transportation investments that are expected to be implemented this construction season in counties across the commonwealth. The projects announced include highway and bridge projects, as well as local and rural road improvements. The construction plans were announced for District 2, District 5, District 6 and District 9.

“Our commitment to improving our roads and bridges is unwavering,” said Governor Wolf. “These projects are significant and greatly needed. Along with an increased investment to rural and local infrastructure, we will bring better transportation to the drivers of this region and to the state as a whole.”

As construction projects are underway in the commonwealth, the traveling public can anticipate seeing many work zones and are urged to keep in mind their safety and the safety of highway workers.

Pennsylvania School Safety Task Force
The first meeting of the Pennsylvania School Safety Task Force occurred on Friday. Governor Wolf and Auditor General Eugene DePasquale heard from students, parents, school officials, law enforcement, health care experts, and residents about ways to improve school safety and security. The task force will hold six meetings throughout the commonwealth to gather perspectives from different communities on improving school safety. If you would like to submit your thoughts or concerns on this issue, click here.

Public Safety
Governor Wolf joined with Legislative Democrats on Thursday to announce a package of reforms to strengthen protections against sexual harassment and discrimination. This announcement builds on steps Governor Wolf has already taken to combat sexual harassment and assault.

“No one should ever be the victim of workplace discrimination or sexual harassment – and we cannot, and will not, accept this behavior as normal or acceptable,” said Governor Wolf. “So many victims have come forward and their bravery should continue to change our country, our workplaces, and our culture for the better. These reforms will build on that change to support our employees and create safe workplaces across the commonwealth.”

On Friday, the governor urged the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to send a package of domestic violence reform bills to his desk. The legislative package passed overwhelmingly in the Pennsylvania State Senate, and includes Senate Bill 501, which would fix an arcane law that allows domestic abusers to maintain access to guns.

“Domestic abusers are known to use firearms to claim the lives of their victims and others. The House should act on these bipartisan, commonsense pieces of legislation so I can sign them into law,” said Governor Wolf.

Job Creation
Governor Wolf announced new approvals for low-interest loans through the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority program. The loans will support eight business projects in seven counties and will help create and retain nearly 400 jobs statewide. On Friday, it was announced that 300 new jobs will be created in Blair county through the expansion of Centene Management. The governor has acknowledged that this long-term investment will have a great impact on Blair county workers and their families.

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