Weekly Update: Offering Health Care Solutions, Supporting Medical Marijuana Patients, and Ensuring Public Safety

By: The Office of Governor Tom Wolf

February 26, 2018

Health Care

Last week, Governor Wolf joined with the governors of Colorado, Ohio, Alaska, and Nevada to lay out a bipartisan plan to improve our nation’s health system performance.

“I am pleased to join with my fellow governors to demonstrate how state efforts can be effective at streamlining regulations and cutting Medicaid costs, while ensuring there is still a competitive insurance market,” Governor Wolf said. “My commitment has always been to put Pennsylvania’s residents first, and make sure consumers who need vital, at times life-saving health care, can get it.”

Medical Marijuana

AGRiMED Industries in Carmichaels, Greene County, become the 11th grower/processor approved to begin operation on Thursday. More than 19,600 patients have registered to participate in a medical marijuana program, 5,000 have been certified by a physician, and more than 1,300 have received medication from a dispensary. Six of the 11 dispensaries that have been approved to operate have started sales.


On Wednesday, Governor Wolf signed House Bill 631 into law, now Act 10 of 2018, to ensure that convicted sexual offenders remain subject to registration requirements in the wake of recent court decisions impacting Pennsylvania’s implementation of the Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA).

This bill will ensure that as many as 12,000 sexual offenders remain on Pennsylvania’s registry and subject to the regulations in place at the time of their offense – either a 10-year or lifetime registration.


After the PA Supreme Court implemented a new remedial congressional map last Monday, the governor stated his attention now is on the Pennsylvania Department of State.

“Now, my focus will be on making sure the Department of State can support our counties and all candidates in the election process, particularly during the petition period. My administration will work expeditiously to update Department of State systems and ensure all processes are in place to assist candidates for Congress.”

Schools that Teach

First Lady Frances Wolf continued the Schools that Teach tour on Wednesday, visiting S.S. Palmer Elementary School in Palmerton. During her visit, she emphasized Governor Wolf’s commitment to increasing funding for public education. She met with students and teachers, toured classrooms, and was even able to read to a third-grade class that invited her and the governor to visit the school.

“I was delighted to meet with such talented and bright young people at S.S. Palmer Elementary School today,” said the First Lady. “We owe it to these students, and all students in Pennsylvania, to ensure we are giving them the resources they need to succeed. That is why investing in education from preschool through higher education has been a top priority for this administration since day one.”

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